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Beth-El members singing to the residents at Pacific Hills in Morgan Hill. After the singing the residents and visitors enjoy a message from one of the church leaders.
Sunday School Choir "Riding in the Calvary" as part of the Lord's army!!! Where are the Adults?
Taking a picture on our hike at the camping trip for the church.
What a great view he must have from high up in the tree.
Ruins of the Miller house near the campsite
Church security officer standing at attention!!!
Enjoying a great time of conversation while awaiting the next meal. 
My face is dirty and I can't find the wash cloth!
At least we are well protected while on our camping trip. Special forces reporting for additional security detail. Reporting to head security officer Nellie (the German shepard)
Water sure feels good after a long hike.
Back rub anyone?
Now, where did I leave my Bible?
Celebrating Beth-El's 22 Anniversary Oct. 2004
Closely listening as Jock recites Micah.
Hammock line forms behind me!!
I can see better up her. Just don't push me into the pool.
Wow. I got two hands!!!
More please!
The kids class
Beth-el's future fire officers
Class instruction from our resident fireman.
Enjoying playtime with Tigre after Bible study. I'm sure she would rather have a mouse, but the toy will have to do.
Continuing discussions after Bible study.
Scratch just a little higher.
You may be talking, but my neck rub takes precedence.
Workday at Pastor's
Workday- smashing leaves. Yes the driveway is that steep!
Many hands make the light work.
He's in there somewhere!!!

The young ladies.


But I wanted ice cream!!
That's my dad!!!
Delicious. Got any more.
Croquet champion of Beth-El!!!
Cool glasses!
Does this house meet the fire code?
 Tea Party!!!
Can I borrow him???
Wednesday Prayer group--Good bye Adrian for the summer
Some of our young men at a graduation
The graduates!
Next order sir!
Youth Get together
Water Balloons!?
Enjoying great conversation.
Hungry anyone?
Ladies get together
Would you like one lump or two?
The treats are great!
Anyone seen my glasses?
Ministering together as a family.
Cccccome onnn innnn, the wawawaters fffffine!!
Fellowship get together.
Even the dogs are welcome to our fellowships
The youth
We Match!
Work? What work? I thought there was more food.
Hard work and cool water. What a combination.
The Girls


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