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Listening to Beth-El Baptist Church

Please note that we use multiple broadcast channels or connections so be sure to click on the proper one.

Attention, please!

We are rolling out a new broadcasting system to provide better service to wider audience, including mobile-device listeners. Please start listening to our new broadcast streams and provide your feedback. If you encounter any difficulty, please inform us and listen to the broadcasts using the old links after the new ones.

Listen live to our new broadcast for all services.

Listen live using our old broadcast mechanism Sunday School /AM service /PM service /Afternoon class /Wednesday Evening service broadcast.

AM Service Bulletin This Weeks Happenings

Pick up one of our Hymnals ! or Pew (KJV) Bibles or Pew (NKJV) Bibles
Ask us for a Pew Bible and we will send one!

If you would like to Instant message comments or questions during the 3:30 class or request a hymn during prayer, we use the following instant messaging ids:

  • Trillian: bbcmh95037

Please do not hesitate to email us for questions or comments. In particular we can make available the following

  • Questions for "Searching the Scriptures" 3:30 class
  • Remote participation via instant messaging
  • Become part of the prayer family and receive the weekly prayer list
We will be broadcasting from Beth-El Baptist church according to the following schedule:
Sunday10:00-10:45Sunday SchoolListen
Sunday11:00-12:15Morning ServiceListen
Sunday3:30-4:30Searching the ScripturesListen
Sunday5:00-6:00Evening ServiceListen
Wednesday7:30-8:20Mid-week Prayer ServiceListen

Please join us for our services

In order to listen to the live stream you will need the appropriate player.

To listen live just click here, sit back and enjoy the service.

Please let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions.

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