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Marta Paretti in Argentina

She is an independent missionary of Argentinian origin. She works with a drug addict institution in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches them new skills and as she visits with them weekly, she is able to share the gospel week by week. She trains from 40 to 70 students who are at an internship program. Our church has been supporting Marta for two years. Recently the Lord used our church to help buy her a car after her car was stolen in Argentina.

Marta is helped by Maria in the ministry to the recovering drug addicts.

Here are some pictures of Marta at work with the drug addicts in Argentina.

This is the car that God gave through Beth-el's love.

For Father's day they made Breakfast in bed trays.

They are painting circled pieces of wood to use as plates to cut "Pizza."

They are applying a French technique, called "Decoupage." Marta is in the back.

They put a battery, clock hands and wood and it turned into "clocks."

They began to paint small pictures with new techniques.

Maria is in the back , she helps Marta's ministry. Maria is 77 years old. They are using hooks to hang clothes to make an auxiliary dish.

Here they are learning to paint an to make a special technique called "patina."

Everyone is painting. This boy suffered minor burnings when handling a tray in the oven.

Here you can see the works that are finished.

Marta is leading a Bible study for the young men.

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