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Fred & Carol Lewis in Pasadena, California

The US Center for World Mission


Fred and Carol have been missionaries since 1983. In Uganda, they ministered in different African languages. They learned Russian for ministry in Ukraine and Russia. Carol trained pastors’ wives at the Bible school Fred started in a remote area of Uganda. In Ukraine and Russia, she continued her discipleship and training ministry to single women and wives of church leaders. Fred was a teacher of Missiology and Bible at Bible Colleges in Ukraine and Russia.

Crisis in 2005

While living in Russia, Fred fell and fractured 4 vertebrae. Low bone density brought on by living in the low-light conditions of Ukraine and Russia was the underlying condition that permitted the fractures to occur. That lower bone density foreclosed the possibility of returning to live in the snow and ice of Western Siberia.

Recent Ministries

Carol counsels missionary women who have questions about their ministries and roles. As a lecturer in the Perspective Program, she teaches on culture stress, missionary care, and incarnational living. Mission organizations consult with Carol regarding language and culture-learning issues for out-going missionaries. She also works in INSIGHT at USCWM.

Fred continued his missions training ministry from 2007-2010 as Vice President for Academic Affairs at William Carey Int’l University, a division of USCWM. He is currently an Assistant Editor for the Int’l Journal of Frontier Missiology, a publication of USCWM. IJFM publishes academic articles relating to unsolved problems of frontier missions.

Organizational Affiliation

Since 1995 Fred and Carol have served under European Christian Mission. In 2007, ECM seconded the Lewises to the US Center for World Mission in Pasadena, CA.

Fred & Carol can be reached at fclewis2@att.net as well as

European Christian Missions P.O. Box 1006
Pt. Roberts, WA 98281

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