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Carl & Ruth Knott are Missionaries to Sevilla, SPAIN
They are with Christian Missions in Many Lands, and are commended to serve the Lord by:

San Ramon Valley Bible Church (San Ramon, California), New Life Bible Chapel  (Holland, Michigan), and Asamblea Evangélica (Grand Rapids, Michigan).

Carl and Ruth studied Spanish with Mrs. Otero from the fall of 1983 to the spring of 1986 and were then sent to the mission field in Spain in May, 1986. They have 7 children, two married and with two daughter and a son. Carl was a pilot and flight instructor in the U.S. Air Force from 1974-1980. He was born again while in pilot training, and after fulfilling his service commitment he left his childhood dream of flying in order to serve the Lord full time. He studied under William MacDonald and colabored with him from 1980 to 1986, teaching in a leadership training program at Fairhaven Bible Chapel in San Leandro, California. During this time he also took part in planting a new church in San Lorenzo, California. He is a missionary church planter, writer and leader who is gifted in discipling men and preparing them for leadership as elders in the local church in Spain and Central America. He started a publishing ministry in Spain, Editorial Discipulo, by means of which he translated and published books and put them in the hands of Spanish speaking Christians. This was left in the hands of the Spanish elders in the church in Huesca, men whom he trained and recognized as elders before moving on. At the present time Carl and Ruth are serving in Sevilla, having received a call from that province to help in a small church there that is in need of edification, leadership training and encouragement. The Knotts also use hospitality to reach out to both believers and unbeliever. Ruth does personal work with interested women in the congregation. Carl started a monthly church bulletin which is a sort of mini-magazine with ministry articles, which is sent out to countries in Central and South America. It  can be found online at, or downloaded in PDF format from their website listed below. He shares the majority of the preaching and teaching with Lucas Batalla, his Spanish co-worker, and also visits the saints. In addition to this, he continues his ministry of writing and translating Christian material. He makes ministry trips to Central and South American countries to teach and to give leadership training. He writes articles that occasionally appear in magazines such as Missions, Uplook and Milk & Honey, and has written daily readings for a devotional calendar called Choice Gleanings for over 20 yrs. Our church took part in sending them out and has supported them all these years.

The Knotts have a website in both English and Spanish that allows you to get to know their family and the church in Sevilla better. There are many articles and tracts posted on this site in both languages: , and Carl has a blog at

More information about their church in Spain can be found at

They can be reached through Beth-El Baptist Church of Morgan Hill or through San Ramon Valley Bible Church, or. They can also be reached by email at

Carl & Ruth, 2009

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